Why Do You Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction: Reasons You Can Change

There are two main types of erectile dysfunction. One that is connected with psychogenic reasons, other caused by the from organic conditions. Psychogenic reasons can be changeable. It is easy for professional psychotherapeutics. But organic causes are:

– caused by prolonged careless attitude for the men health;
– congenital anomalies and birth defects;
– injuries (acute conditions).

Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction: Reasons And Treatment

To make the diagnosis of psychogenic erectile dysfunction doctor takes into account the following points:

– erection occurs only in the early stages of sexual contact and disappears before a man can completely full sexual contact;
– when the man has attempts to commit a sexual act erection becomes lower;
– erection occurs only during the sexual intercourse and it is incomplete and insufficient;
– the erection may be completely absent.

All of these criteria are united for the psychogenic impotence. If a patient has physical erectile dysfunction erection cannot even occur.

If erectile dysfunction rises in young and middle-aged people, the problem is clearly related to psychological factors. Often these are:

– the anxious expectation of sexual failure;
– syndrome, when after an accidental failure occurs anxious expectation of subsequent attempts.

Organic Erectile Dysfunction In Different Age

The frequency of erectile dysfunction increases with age. After forty-five years age, almost all men have organic changes in their pelvic organs. There are some of them:

– vascular troubles (atherosclerosis of the arteries, genital cavernous venous insufficiency, – venous outflow acquired anomalies, the combination of the pathologies);
neurological injuries (damage to the limbic system as a result of trauma, aneurysms, tumours and vascular lesions of the brain, spinal disorders, neuritis and peripheral neuropathy, traumatic damage to the nerve pathways);
– endocrine disorders (hyperestrogenia, testicular disorders);
– smoking and drinking alcohol;
– using of psychotropic drugs and drug addiction.

In the young age, organic erectile dysfunction is not so popular. The causes of erectile dysfunction may be psychogenic or organic in nature. Psychogenic causes are such like stress, depression. And organic are related to the disturbances in the body, marjory in vessels. They occur not only in the group of young men but more frequency in the more mature generation.

As a rule, in early erectile dysfunction are dominated psychological reasons (uncertainty in the abilities, especially when they had a bad experience before).