Smoking Adversely Affects Potency And Ability To Have Regular Sex

Smoking and erectile function. How does smoking affects your potency? Recent studies suggest that smoking has the most direct influence at the potency. It can be even the reason of the appearance of erectile dysfunction. Nowadays it is already a fact that smoking can cause erectile dysfunction.

Smoking Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Nicotine is a very powerful constrictor of vessels. This substantiation can affect the blood vessels in two ways:

1. It promotes spasm of vessels, affecting the arteries in the heart, lungs, eyes, internal organs, arms, legs, and, of course, in the genitals.
2. It damages the internal walls of blood vessels, it impairs their ability to relax and dilate.

Studies using ultrasound doppler showed that deep arteries that supply the penis with blood, immediately react to cigarette smoke. They contact even after two cigarettes. Arteries and nerves need for a long time for recovering from nicotine exposure.

There are such components of cigarette smoke that can damage erectile function:

– nicotine;
– carbon monoxide;
– isoprene;
– Acetaldehyde.

Under the influence of these substances, blood vessels can not relax completely in response to sexual stimulation and thus not provided an adequate blood flow for the erection.

Doctors About Smoking And Potency

The doctors are very adamant. They argue that in order to correct the potency and to treat the erectile dysfunction you need to stop smoking. Even if you do not smoke for 5-7 hours before sex, it is can increase the potency and your ability to have good sex. But in order to restore erectile function, it is necessary to give up cigarettes forever.

Only if the patient gets rid of smoking his treatment will be successful.

Men who smoked daily more than 20 cigarettes have the higher risk of impotence (60% compared to men who have never smoked). About 15% of past and current smokers in the age of 35 have erectile dysfunction. And among the men who had never smoked, only 12% have problems with their erection.

Whether Smoking Have Affect At The Quality of Sperm

Does smoking affect the quality of sperm? Substances from tobacco smoke get into the man’s genitals through the blood. They lead to the damaging of the vessels’ structure.

Sperm motility is reduced more rapidly in the group of men who smoke a lot, compared with nonsmokers. For those patients who come over the examination relatively infertility, the first recommendation will be to stop smoking.