Cialis 20mg: In The Case If You Anyway Need To Take This Medication

Cialis was created in the last century by famous pharmaceutical company Elly Lilly from the United Kingdom. Were anticipated to use this drug for the treatment of various abnormalities in a male sexual sphere, especially against the erectile dysfunction. In our days Cialis 20mg is the most widely prescribed medication to cure erectile problems. Now it is in the great request even more than Viagra.

Why Doctor Prescribed Cialis Exactly For Me?

cialis 20mg priceThe practical effect of 20mg Cialis lies in its ability to induce the natural erection owing to the relaxation of the blood vessels in all the circulatory system, mostly in the penis. So blood circulation in the tissues of the penis is enhanced.

It is clear that taking 20 mg Cialis is recommended for patients with disturbances in the sexual sphere. So don’t worry if your doctor got the prescription for you for this drug. After receiving the drug, you will feel a noticeable improvement of:

– libido and sexual desire;
– new sensations during the sex;
– the ability to carry more than one sexual intercourse per night;
– lengthening the duration of sexual intercourse for a greater satisfaction of the partner;
– raising the possibility of getting a good ejaculation and be able to have children.

Cialis will not do any harm for you. If you are going to take it according to instructions. This medication has very few side effects and is not harmful to health.

Researchers To Conduct Before Using Cialis

There are many modern specialised diagnostic methods that are used for the diagnostic of erectile dysfunction together with clinical data and troubles.

These methods have different diagnostic value. For you, we will list a few of these:

1. Monitoring of nocturnal erections and tumescence using RigiScan system. This diagnostic method difficult to conduct at home. It is required about 2 nights. If the patient has erection maximum during for 10 minutes and his penis full of blood less than 60% from the absolutely normal, the doctor can make a conclusion that there are some infringements in erection mechanism.

cialis 20 mg price2. Test with intracavernous injection of vasoactive drugs (ICT). For this method are used Papaverine, Alprostadil (prostaglandin E1) and other drugs. A positive test is considered when the patient has the erection in 10 minutes after the injection.

3. Doppler of penis blood vessels. This helps to make the definition of blood flow in the cavernous arteries of the penis. With the help of doppler, the doctor can explore the small-diameter vessels (that can happen due to smoking). Qualitative research requires expensive equipment.

4. The level of PSA. Increasing at this level indicates the high risk of cancer of prostate gland.

5. Angiography of the internal pudendal artery. Such study is performed only with patients who are candidates for the reconstructive vascular operations.

6. Biopsy of the corpora cavernosa of the penis is the most invasive and accurate diagnostic method, performed, usually with the purpose of scientific research.

Also, it was opened that patients with erectile dysfunction have correctable endocrinological disorders.

Also, doctors need to make a psychiatric and psychometric examination of all patients with erectile dysfunction. Psychometric examination (questionnaire IIEF) gives the ability to indicate the severity of erectile dysfunction. Thus, according to it if the patient scored 21 points or less, he has erectile dysfunction symptoms:

– grade I – mild, the score 17-21;
– grade II – moderately severe, score 12-16;
– grade III – moderate, score 8-11;
– grade IV – severe degree, the score are 5-7.

How To Pick Up The Optimum Dose?

Generally, doctors prescribe for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction Cialis 20mg. Also, this medication can be prescribed in a dose of 5 or 10mg. For example the dose, 5mg Cialis is excellent for the course admission. The patient can take 1 tablet 5 mg daily in the morning when his stomach is empty (then the absorption of the active substance is maximised).

But the dose of 5mg Cialis will not give the patient the desired erection. To get this he should take 10 or even 20mg Cialis. Take Cialis (Tadalafil) exactly how it was appointed by the doctor.

As a rule, Cialis 20mg is taken:

– before sexual intercourse, if it is necessary;
– regularly (every day or once in two days – the frequency of use is determined by your physician) for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction.

The duration of drug action can be up to 36 hours. You should not exceed prescribed dose. If the maximum dose will not be enough for you, contact your doctor. But in any way you shouldn`t take another Cialis 20 mg tablet.

cialis 20mgCialis 20mg helps to achieve an erection during the sexual stimulation either physical or psychological. An erection does not occur only after man takes a pill. Cialis 20 mg (tadalafil) should not be taken with excessive amounts of alcohol (not more than 5 mg of ethanol in transfer into other types of alcoholic beverages). Excessive use of alcohol in combination with 20 mg Cialis can cause a headache, dizziness, low blood pressure.

If you had taken Cialis 20mg and then felt long strong erection during more than 4 hours, contact your doctor immediately. Persistent erection can cause damaging of the penis.

Where To Buy Medication Online

The patient cannot buy original Cialis 20mg in the USA without prescription. American pharmacies also must not sell generic versions of this medication. So the best option for people who want to try any inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 5 type is to purchase these medications online:

– Canada;
– India;
– Israel.

Exactly Canadian shops can send Cialis in one-day delivery. Generic Cialis 20mg price in Canadian pharmacy is about 0.5. And original Cialis 20 mg price is more than 4 dollars for one tablet. Usually, this drug is sold in the packages with four and more pills in each package.

Usually, patients divide one pill of Cialis 20mg into two or four parts. Thus they save money.

Manufacturer of generic Tadalafil doesn’t waste money on the advertising. It makes Cialis 20mg price lover.